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National Aquaculture Association Membership Form


MEMBERS (Voting) Nominate and elect four NAA Board Members (three year terms) by mail vote. Anyone deriving income from aquaculture (i.e., producer, supplier, etc.).

INDIVIDUAL MEMBER $250 per year.
SILVER MEMBER $1,000 to $2,499
GOLD MEMBER $2,500 to $4,999
PLATINUM MEMBER $5,000 and above.

AFFILIATE (Non-Voting) Governmental and university employees, students, and others not deriving income directly from aquaculture who wish to support and keep abreast of NAA activities. $25 per year.


INDUSTRY SUPPLIER/MANUFACTURER Any recognized industry manufacturer and/or supplier organization (i.e., US Aquaculture Suppliers Association). $500 annual base membership plus $25 per voting member. The suppliers elect three members to the NAA Board for three year terms.

SPECIES/COMMODITY ORGANIZATION Any recognized Commodity or Species (catfish, crawfish, trout, shellfish, etc.) organization. $15 per each voting association member, annually. Each organization independently elects a representative to the NAA Board (four seats, three year terms) to the NAA Board. [Is this correct? What happens if we get more than four sp. orgs?]

STATE ASSOCIATION Any recognized state aquaculture organization, including those states with more than one association. $15 per each voting association member, annually. Each voting membership is worth one vote at the annual NAA state association caucus. The caucus nominates and elects four representatives (three year terms) to the NAA Board.


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To join, print this page and submit with payment to: NAA, 111 W. Washington Street, Suite 1, Charles Town, WV 25414-1529.

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