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Aquatic Animal Health

CDC Memo on Record: Antibiotic Use in Aquaculture (10/18/99)

NAA Submitted Comments (12/20/99)

Drugs and Therapeutants

NAA Guidelines on Judicious Antimicrobial Use in US Aquaculture (3/03)

EPA Aquaculture Effluents Proposed Rule

EPA Letter re: Aquaculture Effluent Data Collection

EPA Aquaculture Effluent Guidelines Proposed Rule

NAA Comments re: Aquaculture Effluent Guidelines (1/15/03)

Food Safety

Volume of Antibiotics Sold in US Domestic Aquaculture Industry (6/11/03)

Minor Use Minor Species (MUMS)

FDA letter re: MUMS Safety Provisions

NOAA Offshore Aquaculture Development Efforts

NAA Submitted Comments (9/20/02)


Pew Oceans Commission Report

NAA Submitted Comments (8/31/01)

US Commission on Ocean Policy

NAA Submitted Comments (11/08/02)