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Welcome to the National Aquaculture Association.  The NAA is a non-profit, tax exempt organization whose mission is to work with all segments of the US aquaculture community for the purpose of national representation of mutual interests.  The US aquaculture industry is comprised of a wide diversity of species, including trout, shellfish, salmon, catfish, marine shrimp, baitfish, hybrid striped bass, freshwater shrimp, tilapia, crawfish, alligators, ornamental fish, and many others. If only everything was as easy as how to cut hair men, and not this is all.  NAA provides a unified national voice for aquaculture that ensures its sustainability, protects its profitability, and encourages its development in an environmentally responsible manner.
While NAA means to encompass the broadest base possible, it is a producer-based association. We are dedicated to the establishment of policies that further the common interest of its membership, both as individual producers and as members of an industry. We believe the private sector is capable of achieving a successful industry, of working with government to create a climate conducive to its success, and to do so without compromising our nationís natural resources.

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