A Critical Reflection Of Different Aspects Of Internationalisation & Education Essay

Published: 2021-07-31 15:25:09
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A critical reflection of different aspects of internationalisation & education.In the following essay I will focused on how globalisation, multiculturalism and internationalisation have an effect at different education levels. The first part includes a brief explanation of the concept of globalisation, and how it affects the educational structure in secondary education through global competence. How this can make the educational environment more complex, and what it implies to be successfully achieved. Then, I will mention strategies adopted as a response for multiculturalism at schools, and how at a school level the community has to do a lot of effort to achieve a diverse educational setting without discriminating, i.
e. a multiculturalised school .Finally, I will explain two strategies for the internationalisation of the curriculum in higher education and how they work (or not) in a real-world situation. I chose these three concepts of globalisation, multiculturalism and internationalisation as I consider them to be quite different in their aims and strategies. But also, because they have a relevant effect on education structure at different levels. And as a teacher I must be aware of these approaches that can modify an educational system, therefore my own role in teaching.
Global competence and secondary education: How globalisation affects at a school level in teaching and learning.Globalisation appeared in the seventies as a proccess of intensification of interconnections and networks. It implied several changes happening at the same time, as technology development, production of goods (not just at a national level), and less taxations in borders. The concept has been put into doubt, as sceptical thesis that states it is . ._id=_2436736_1 accessed 21 Dec 2014.
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, Lalor, J., Berg, W., Cultural Diversity in the Classroom: A European Comparison, Germany: Dorothee Koch/Anita WilkeThe Hanover Research Council, (2010). Internationalisation of the Curriculum in Higher Education. online Available at: http://www.hu.
ac.th/english/academic/documents/Internationalization%20of%20the%20Curriculum%20in%20Higher%20Education%20-%20Membership.pdf accessed 20 Dec. 2014.

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