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Published: 2021-07-29 06:45:07
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Abstract ExpressionismAbstract expressionism is a movement in American painting of the late 1940s andearly 1950s acclaimed throughout the world.
The dominance of American art datesfrom the success of the Abstract Expressionists, their formal innovations andnew techniques were crucial to the development of Western art, and many artiststoday still make use of their ideas or react against them. AbstractExpressionism was first used to describe the works of Kandinsky and RobertCoates. The main characteristics of Abstract expressionism paintings are largescaled, generally abstract but with some figurative elements. The artists hadlaid great stress on the process of painting, regarding it as a ritual act, theyoften used household paints and developed methods of applying them to thecanvas, The major figures of the movement were Willem De Kooning, JacksonPollock..etc.BibliographyWillen De Kooning: Easter Monday, 1956 JacksonPullock: No.1 (Lavender Mist), 1950

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