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Published: 2021-07-31 08:25:08
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Alexander The Great Essay(Alexander III) (356-323 BC)My son, ask for thyself another kingdom, for that which I leave is too small for thee.
(King Philip of Macedonia, 339 BC)From victory to victory, from triumph to triumph Alexander created an empire that marked history and brought him eternal glory. Alexander brought Greek ideas, culture and mentality to the conquered countries and assured expansion and domination of the Hellenistic Culture which together with the Roman Civilization and Christianity presents the fundaments of what is now called Western Civilization. -Born in Pella, Macedonia, 356 BC, parents were Olympias and Philip II (legends of Alex having gods for parents: Zeus and Olympias)Olympias supposedly is an ancestor of Achilles, While Philips is Hercules12 yrs old: only child able to tame horse Buecephalus(Ox head), who would later carry him in all his conquests until his death in India(city of Buecephala)13-16 yrs old taught by Aristotle340 BC Philip goes on expedition to Byzantium, leaves Alexander, prince regent to rule Macedonia. During this time, Alexander conquered the Maedi, a troublesome Thracian tribe.
Made Alexandropolis337 BC Philip II is assassinated; Alexander takes over, not all approve of him-Only half Macedonian-Did not care, and proceeded to kill all allegedly linked to fathers murder335 BC takes Thebes334-333 BC Phrygia- cuts Gordian knot, which could only be undone by the man who was to rule Asia.Battle of Issus- Victory- Crushes Darius II of PersiaDarius flees- left behind entire family, and tent filled with 3000 talents of gold (today in U.S.- 1.2 billion $)gains most of western Asia Minor332- reaches Egypt, Egypt welcomes him as their great liberatorFounded Alexandria331- Battle of Arbela- crushed Darius again, Babylon recognizes Alexander as King of AsiaAlexander enters Susa and Persepolis uncontested329-328- defeated Scythians(nomads who had murdered Macedonians) at Jaxartes327-326 Invasion of India capture of Porus326-325- Alex wanted to go to the Ganges, but troops exhausted refusedtroops wanted to go home but Alex took a indirect path home, plundering erecting harbors and temples, studying Indian cultureWinter 325 Alex had lost almost of army324- consolidated his empire by making many of his officers marry high ranking females in Persian and other cultures.June 10, 323 BC: Alexander dies after a bout with the ten day feverFounded over 70 citiesWords / Pages : 372 / 24 .

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