Art of Leonid Afremov Essay

Published: 2021-07-27 06:30:06
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The artist that I choose to do my research on was Leonid Afremov because his artwork instantly caught my eye! The way he paints gives off a ratifying feel that makes you want to stare and analyze his work with higher definition. The way he paints gives off this passive set of squares, but tells a remarkable story at the same time. Afremov is a great painter, but at the same time an amazing person. Leonid came up from a hard childhood with plenty of adversity to overcome.
He was stuck facing plenty of depression though out his childhood, but seeing his paintings makes you see far from depression. The painting I choose to analyze is the one where the couple is kissing and there is an old vintage automobile in the background. There are many aspects and angle you can approach this artwork. The couple look as if they are engaged in a romantic date with fun and romance lurking in the air. There are very radiant colors in the air that give off a sense of joy, but at the same time make you feel comfortable while you look deeper.
The way they are dressed, and the old timey car lets you realize that this was in the past. The way the colors are set and they contrast with each other you would never know that this was any different then a time today at the park. The painting could easily be taken for over done with the colors, but without the different contrast in colors there would be the same mediocre painting. I feel that the painting I choose gives off a great direction as to where the story is supposed to be told.
The simple fact of that the couple is being displayed in the perfect setting with the best set of colors tells it all. The painting is not heavily populated and could easily be represented and told in several different ways. The main thing that I am trying to touch in my point is that the painting is meant to give you a warm happy type of feel. The painting makes you look deeper not just because the couple is happy, but because everything around them are happy as well.
This painting is just like telling me that if you decide to bring a little kid or a girl a puppy they wouldn’t think it was cute? There is nothing more great than staring at a perfectly set painting with the best contrast and movement of colors throughout. Leonid Afremov not only mad painting enjoyable to look at, but created artwork that made people want to purchase because of the vast a ray of colors that are present in each painting he creates. There is many pieces of art that I know people think this is not worth 5-10 million dollars, but they buy it anyways.
I would say that the placement Afremov has with his brush, and the pattern that comes from his artwork makes an outstanding piece. The way that Leonid places his brush and his colors helps you see the attitude of that certain object. For instance, looking how the flow of the ladies dress is going down is a perfect example. The flow of the color shows a stream of such relief that she is in her circumstance. It also is a red dress which could mean a since of her body or heart being melted by the romance that she has in her relationship, or that very moment.
Now as for the gentlemen’s presentation it could be said as he has a case of butterflies. The attitude of his wardrobe gives a feel of easing yet nervous at the same time, the way the patterns are playing out. Now I know you’ve seen the movies where it gets real bright in the background when they come together, and about to kiss? Well this has one of those happy ending, but well illustrated and has a more real feel to it. I have never seen so many colors in one painting, but yet still shows perfect reflection throughout where and when it is needed.
Lets take the car for example, with all details thrown together within a very little aspect. The car is set for detail and an add of entertainment, but you cant give it little respect. The car is old timey but tells a lot about the setting. It could easily mean that the youth or the adults today have lost what it means to actually love. The car has a plain, yet passive look to it. There is nothing showing that the car is meant to look any different or tell any different color.

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