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Published: 2021-07-14 19:00:07
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Athletic TrainerAn athletic trainer seeking employment in today’s job market is likely toencounter many problems and obstacles along the way.
The need for highereducation greatly affects the prospect for the athletic trainer with only thebaccaulereate degree. Those with this degree are better suited to seekemployment in the rehabilitative therapy clinic setting. Many of these clinicshave contracts with the local high schools or university thus allowing for moreemployees and allowing these entry level positions. Clinics also tebd to employthe student trainers who also have a tendency to move on after their education.
With third party payees coming more into this field there should be an increasein the job availability for the athletic trainer in the clinical setting. Thereare also many openings for trainers in the high school level. The down side tothis area of work is that this position is not generally based on the care andconcern for the health and well being of the student athlete but is contingenton the budget aspect. The most dismal field for an athletic trainer seekingemployment is in the college level. Athletic trainers most certainly needadvanced degrees as well as certification of the National Athletic TrainersAssociation. Most Athletic trainers in this level have accepted employment whilein college or attending that particular university.
The college level for theathletic trainer position has not increased over the past few years- due impartto the hiring of the student trainers leaving no openings for the athletictrainer who is seeking full time employment. Obviously there is a definite needfor advanced degrees in todays society, if one is seeking employment as anathletic trainer due to the fact that there is a very limited job field andopenings are few and far between. In order to be fully prepared for the positionof athletic trainer in todays sports related society, the potential trainerneeds to obtain the minimum of a baccalaureate degree with a designated courseof study. They need to have studied thoroughly anatomy and physiology,physiology of exercise, rehabilitation, kineseiology, psychology, injuryevaluation and also emergency care procedures and techniques. Before meeting therequirements to become eligible to test for the National Athletic TrainersAssociation (NATA) a potential trainer needs a minumum of 800 clinical hours ofexperience or 1500 hours if not enrolled in an accredited athletic trainingeducation program. The NATA also requires continuing education units for acertified trainer to remain certified through them.
The steps to obtaining acareer in the field of athletic training are fairly simple. A desire to work inthe sports related field is obviously the driving force for most. A BA is theminimum degree along with clinical hours of experience as noted earlier. Alsothe National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification requirescontinuing education classed to maintain and update your knowledge of newprocedures. A Masters Degree is often sought by the athletic trainer to furtheradvance their career. A select few often go on and pursue a doctoral degree andprogress on to become instructors.
Depending on the location of the high school/clinic/ university the Athletic trainer may encounter many different obstaclesto overcome in the day to day running of the training office. A few of theseproblems are, but not limited to, the following: Budgeting problems : manyathletic trainers have learned how to juggle funds and become extremely frugalto maintain within the budget limitations. Travel: there is often the need forthe trainer to accompany the team or athletes on the road to games and sportsevents which poses a hardship both on the trainers life and the life of theirfamilies. There will always be the legal aspects of the job field to contentwith for the athletic trainers. There is a definate need for the explicitfollowing of all rules and procedures in order to try to prevent any egalramifications.
While employeed at any particular school or clinic a trainershould be covered at all times by the schools liability policy. All athletes arerequired to sign a waiver when they decide to participate in the sport of theirchoice and this too is a protective measure for both the trainer and the schoolor the clinic. Although it may seem like the problems along with the dismal jobopenings are a great deal to contend with when one is contemplating choosing thefield of Athletic Training there are a great many pluses to this field too. Manya

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