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Published: 2021-07-31 10:35:07
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Child Abuse EssayThe safety and security of home are comforts we all wish for no matter what age we are.
Though some of us get our wish roughly three million children don’t(United States Department of Health www. childrensrights. com ). Children who are battered and bruised, beaten, and in some causes sexually assaulted are constantly looking for an escape from the torture brought upon them by none other than their own parents. These children who average in age at only four years old (Jones, Smothers F8 ) endure more pain at their young age than most of us face in a life time.
The crime hurts children physically, emotionally and in most cases the pain goes on for a life time. The memories of climbing into bed with your parents are replaced with memories such as your father’s hand lashing your back for absolutely nothing because he is not in the right mind caused by all the alcohol. Making matters worse is that these children are too afraid to tell the world of the anguish and continue a life of hiding bruises and making excuses. As for the children who are brave enough to tell, they get it no better if not worse.
They are recklessly thrown into foster home after foster home. They face such hard ships as limited space with an enormous amount of children. Throughout all this, they never learn the true meaning of family. Why is there a lack of effort put into this crime? One is left to guess for the reasons are far too hard to comprehend. With so much drama and war around the world, Americans would like to convey an image of security and safety, once doing so we tend to black out the horrible acts of abuse occurring against our own children, causing child abuse to be a very neglected crime.
“Having children makes you no more a parent, than having a piano makes you a pianist. “(Levin, www. brainyquote. com/quotes/authors/m/michael_levine.
html) With that being said the United States continues to give parental right to drunks and abusers without realizing the ripple affect it has on all of us. These children whose minds are being wasted not by lack of effort but by lack of parenting and lack of care from the government, have the ability to grow and become future leaders, heroes, and peace makers of our world. Why not take the extra effort in making sure that our future is being looked out for in our present? Because it takes too much time, energy, and most importantly sympathy. Abuse is an increasing problem in our world and the reason why it continues to be a problem is because few people’s care.
Each year three million children are assaulted and though some might think that is a small number compared to the sixty-three million children in the country (United States Census Report) in order to help these children we must believe that three million abused children are three million too many. Imagine the pain and agony in every one of those children’s eyes. You might be against abuse but you are equivalent to an abusive parent up until the moment you decide to take action. Why allow these so-called parents the power to corrupt the minds and feelings of children so young? That is something all people must ponder to realize the hatred the children are learning each day. “What is a neglected child? He is a child not planned for, not wanted. Neglect therefore begins before he is born.
“(Buck, www. brainyquote. com/quotes/p/pearlsbuc150247. html) Amazingly those words have a stirring truth. Abuse in most cases starts for children as young as months old.
When looking into such a cruel subject one would wonder exactly why a person is capable of hurting their own flesh and blood, a person that they created. Though the most obvious answer is the idea that most are too drunk or stoned to notice, sadly that is not the only answer. Some of the abusive parents are not drunk nor are they addicts, they simply are aggravated, frustrated, and chose to take it out on their children. It has been shown that in almost half of these abuse cases most parents are poverty stricken .

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