Culture Event: Texas State Arts and Craft Fair Essay

Published: 2021-07-29 08:40:06
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This was the time when was there, in the ass, it was like what imagine Woodstock would be, There was music, dancing smoking tot marijuana, and drinking. The festival is a gathering of many different cultures and still today they are gathering for the festival, and they are more family oriented now. “By the sass attendance had grown to 25,000, The program included an eighteen-day schedule of eleven six-hour evening concerts, New Folk Concerts with forty writers, Folk Mass celebrations, six two-hour children’s concerts, and a four-day Festival of the Eagle honoring
American Indians at a newly constructed and then expanded Treadmill Memorial Theater in the campgrounds” (Rod Kennedy, 2013) (Para S). The humanities are distinguished from other modes of human inquiry and expression through academic disciplines. The academic disciplines research the human condition by way of methods that are mainly investigative, decisive, or hypothetical these ways are distinct from the use an experimental method, indicating confirmation or results that occur are capable Of being detected by the senses.
The Servile Folk Festival can be compared to IP-hop/rap music. Both changed the culture of many people. Hip-hop music is somewhat Of a new class, and it dates back to 30 years ago. “African music and oral traditions were brought by West African slaves to North and South America; where they developed into their own musical styles often starting with church music, but becoming popular over time in wider circles” (Chris Curtis, 2011) (Para, 1). It is nice to see how culture changes throughout the different times.

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