The Myth of Buildeus Essay

Published: 2021-07-22 20:45:05
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Buildeus was born when a rogue flash of lightening from the god Zeus struck a sapling and turned it into a real boy. Zeus needed a new craftsman for his lighting because it just wasnt good enough so Zeus gave Buildeus powers to create many a things from toys to airplanes. The only problem with Buildeus was that he was made of wood so fire was his worst enemy, even a small spark can light his body instantly.
Buildeus was raised by a blind couple that lived in the woods. At age seven he had built 100s of different tools for the couple to use, things like a pocket knifes, hammers, and anything he could get his wooden hands on, and did chores such as rebuilding the house, cooking, & cleaning, amazingly everything he did was perfect. When Buildeus was 15 years old, the couple decided an education was the smartest choice for Buildeus so they traveled by foot for 11 miles and upon finding the first school of Lake Ozwego joined and enrolled. Buildeus being different, was treated very badly by the other students, he was called freak, ugly, and was often brought near lighters for the fun of the other students. The worst of them all was the evil janitaur which lived in boiler room, the janitaur constantly disrespected Buildeus, forcing the poor boy to clean up messes he didnt make and create evil things for him. Janitaur also hurt and punished many of the other students and was hated by all.
The only way for the students to calm him was offering 7 students every year into detention. Principal Minos did not care, for he was an evil conservative bent on an only human school. The only thing keeping Buildeus alive was his love for Betsy Crocker the only girl carpenter in the school which treated him like a normal person. Buildeus decided to leave and go to live with his brethren for mediation and wisdom within the forest. He prayed to his creator on what to do, and so Zeus told him Son, with your amazing craftsmanship change yourself, become newer and better and smarter.
If they dont accept you then talk to me and Ill set em straight Doing as he was told made himself into Buildeus 2. 0 returned to school and found out that another school was being made. Now was the time for Buildeus to shine, he offered to help but the janitaur refused to let this wooden boy work. While the janitaur was in the boiler room Buildeus challenged him to a wrestling contest, the janitaur strapped on his wrestling horns and could be easily mistaken for a man bull you could say. Within the boiler room, which spewed fire like the underworld Hades, the wrestling took place.
The heat was almost too much for Buildeus, but he fought on. The janitaur tried to defeat him but Buildeus 2. 0 was to strong and defeated the evil janitaur. After his defeat the janitaur screamed out Youll never get out of my labyrinth of pipes, bwahahaha and fainted but Buildeus shirt had a loose string that caught onto the door handle and slowly found his way out. Now confident in himself, other people realized his change and effort to help the new school and stopped making fun of him and started becoming friends.
The other students realized that its whats on the inside that counts, and that he destroyed the Janitaur. Buildeus worked effortlessly on this school; as long as sun was in the sky Buildeus worked. Slowly it seemed, the supplies were running low, on the final day of its creation, they needed just a plank more of wood and all the funds were gone so Buildeus reverted to his natural state and sacrificed himself in order to save the school. Though Buildeus may not have been immortal while living, Buildeus was immortal to the eyes of the students of the school and is now a part of the school as to this day.

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