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Choose the Right Commercial Flagpole

Standard commercial Atlantic Flagpole measure between 30 and 60 feet. They are often made of one piece or two of steel tubing or aluminum.

You might need three flagpoles or more, depending on how dramatic and elaborate you wish to be. There should be enough space between flagpoles that the flags can wave. You can also leave room for growth in the event you wish to place larger flags.

There are two types or halyards systems for raising and lowering flags. They are either pulley or rope systems. You will find an external halyard on the pole. This type rigging uses a flag attached to a rope. The rope loops through a truck or wheel at flagpole’s top. The flag is held in place by the rope wrapped around a bottom cleat. The problem with an external-halyard system is security. It is too easy to cut the rope.

Choose an internal halyard for greater security and durability. This system places the rope or cable on the pole’s interior. It is easily accessible via a hinged entry compartment located near the shaft’s base. Make sure to choose a rotating truck so that the flag is not wrapped around your pole in case the wind shifts.

Steel is the best material for commercial flagpoles. Steel flagpoles have the highest strength and require minimal maintenance.

A bronze alloy gives you a classic appearance. Bronze alloys are mostly used for historic and national architectural projects. This material will darken over time, making a flagpole less attractive.