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Flight Pro Sim World Maps

Flight simulators are based on terrain. The quality, complexity, depth, and detail of the terrain is more important than the cockpit and instrument details geospatial. It’s easy to see why Flight Pro Sim has taken so much care in creating realistic maps. You cannot improve your skills in flying over mountainous terrain without actually flying over it. Flight Pro Sim World maps are the most accurate and realistic simulator maps on the market. They are based upon authentic US military mapping information. These maps not only cover every type of landscape you could imagine, such as rivers and lakes, but also include more than 20,000 detailed models of airports around the world.

The airport detail includes the lighting intensity of runways depending on how you approach. This is vital because visual illusions have led to a significant number of night landing accidents. This illusion could include the pilot assuming the runway is longer than it is, or that the pitch darkness at the horizon indicates a dark night sky. But this might just be an object such as a mountain. Flight Pro Sim World maps provide realistic flight simulation. The distinctive glare from vehicle headlights as they cruise along Mumbai’s Western Express Highway can make you feel slightly dazed if you’re flying into Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. You will be surprised at the contrast between the nearly pitch black Pacific Ocean and the bright lights you see as you approach an airport in a major city.

You can fly over your home, work, or family farm to have even more fun. It is true that the Flight Pro Sim world maps are military-grade. This data is based upon the most recent SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission), which was run by, among others, the North American Space Agency and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. NGA is a division of The United States Department of Defense. Simulating what’s on ground is just one example. Accurate time- and season modeling means that the moon, sun, and stars are placed exactly as they would be if it were taken off from that particular location at a certain time. Flight Pro Sim world maps can be used to indicate that it is winter in Arctic Circle.