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Design and Safety Considered: Risk Management

Your business should be able to efficiently use its processes. It is also important that you have risk management methods in place realisticpay.com/pressure-washing-truck-setup/. Safety may not seem to be an important aspect of your process design, but it should. OSHA standards cover many areas. I don’t recommend breaking any, but OSHA standards can be dangerous in certain circumstances.

In order to avoid OSHA lawsuits and other regulatory fines, your business model must be within OSHA guidelines. However, I will share a story and an example from my personal company, which was a source of frustration for me. To clean the vehicles in our fleet, we used pressure washers as well as steam cleaners. Rent-A-Cars as well company fleets, school busses, postoffice jeeps, patrol vehicles, cars sales lots and trucks for trucking firms were all washed. You should use a long wand that has a 15-degree tip to pressure wash machines above 2500 PSI. This allows the water pressure to be sprayed out in a fan. You see? Yes.

However, it was common for school bus yards to have school buses parked close together. It was impossible to clean them using a long wand, and then maneuver between buses. You could also catch the wand on the wrong side of a bus, which would cause the gun to get into your body. It wasn’t good. This was especially true when it was cold with ice or diesel fuel that had leaked to the ground. This is an accident waiting. It made sense to move buses to an area where they could get cleaned. You might fall on slippery ground by trying to enter between buses. We chose safety over the evil and cut the gun-wand length. This was the only way we avoided another accident. This is a great case study in risk management. Safety is my priority, even though OSHA rules were technically broken. You can think about it.